Reasons Why Dubai should be on your Bucket List

Whether you like to spend your vacation lying on the beach soaking in the midday sun, shopping until you can’t feel your feet, or going crazy with your friends on a fast ride in an amusement park, Dubai is the travel destination that will give you all of that and more. It is a must-visit city that should be on everyone’s list and here’s why.

Get to witness its record-breaking infrastructure What is the first thing that pops to your head when you think of Dubai? Chances are its Burj Khalifa. It is the famous tallest building in the world that tends to be the main focus on different holidays and occasions, where it lights up and projects a show relating to that specific event. In fact, you will find a huge crowd roaming around the tower everyday just taking pictures or enjoying this wonder of the world.

Fun fact: Burj Khalifa is actually visible from whichever point you stand-in Dubai. Well, for the most part.

It is worth it to take that flight just to discover how small you actually are in front of it. It is a scene that will give you chills when you experience it for the first time. What makes it even more special are the fountains found close to the tall standing tower. Every night, the fountain comes to life and its waters start dancing to the music filling the atmosphere with good and positive vibes. For a period of about 5 minutes, the crowd will stop whatever their doing and give their attention to the dancing water. it’s a scene that you don’t want to miss out on!

Good news! You don’t have to go far to visit the biggest mall in the world because it is found right next to Burj Khalifa, so that’s a two in one for a once in a lifetime experience. Dubai mall will make your travel worthwhile as it will take you the whole day to roam around it all, even longer if you’re stopping for food, activities, or shopping. You have to dedicate a whole trip just to experience Dubai Mall with all its glory, from the aquarium and underwater zoo, their ice rink, trampo extreme, to hundreds of shops and restaurants of all brands and your favorite franchises.

One Stop shop for food from all around the world Dubai is the city of diversity. People from all nationalities consider Dubai to be a great travel destination and that encouraged diversity in food. Thali from india, Filipino’s Adobo, Chinese Dumplings, and all kinds of tasty arabic food, you will get to choose from all your favorite cuisines wherever you stay in Dubai, or if you’re a group of friends coming from all over the world, you can mix and match to satisfy everyone’s preferences.

Let off some steam with Dubai’s wildest theme parks You can find amusement parks with the most creative themes spread all over Dubai. Whether you are a film enthusiast or looking to experience virtual reality, you will find something that will satisfy your craziest desires. Some of the best theme parks in Dubai are:

  • IMG World’s of adventure: It is actually the world’s largest indoor theme park in the world. Yet another ground-breaking project! It includes 4 adventure zones: marvel, Lost Valley, Cartoon Network, IMG Boulevard. They all sound so exciting.
  • Motiongate: If you are a movie enthusiast, then this is the perfect park for you. It has 27 theme rides ranging from Sony Pictures, Dreamworks, and Lionsgate.
  • Bollywood Parks: it is designed in a way that resembles that style of Bollywood. The street, buildings, signboards, streetlights, and trees were made in a way were it will make you feel like you travelled to India. It features 5 zones based on the booming indian film industry in Mumbai.
  • Legoland: Based on everyone’s favourite childhood memory, Legoland is one that is great for the kids. It features over 40 rides, shows, and attractions.

If you want just one reason to visit Dubai, then its theme parks is definitely it.

Get to feel at home when you’re miles and miles away with Global Village If you’re looking to experience you’re home away from home, then Global Village is the place to go. However, that is not the main reason to visit. With more than 25 international pavilions each respresenting different country’s culture and food, you can try delights from all over the world in just one stop. It is a seasonal attraction that happens every winter from November till March. it is not limited to only food and shopping, you can also do a good selection of activities from amusement rides to ferris wheels and so much more.

The Lavish Lifestyle If you are one that enjoys luxurious destinations, then Dubai is the perfect city for you. It is known for its extravagant residents living their fancy lifestyles driving their expensive cars. What I mean to say is that Dubai will allow you to have the luxurious trip you always dreamed of having. It is filled with the best 5 star hotels that will provide you with a lavish stay, over the top luxury cars that you will see on the streets of Dubai like gold SUVs, Bugatti Taxis and Lamborghini cop cars,

and famous luxurious restaurants like Burak, Nusret, and Atmosphere in Burj Khalifa.

Home of the desert Dubai’s desert is another reason why you should go to Dubai. You can experience the sand in multiple ways wether its riding the camel, surfing sand dunes, hanging out with your friends around the campfire, or driving around the sand on a four wheel.

Leave it to Dubai to provide you with the best trip of your life. It is one of the cities that everyone should experience during their lifetime.


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