Are you listening? Dubai is calling - Dubai Is calling

Are you listening? Dubai is calling

Dubai needs no introduction. Chances are you’ve already heard about the emirate, and it’s most certainly on your bucket list. Whether it was an influx of influencers’ posting or a friend boasting about their trip, Dubai has made its way into your life and wedged itself in your heart.

Or maybe you already are living the Dubai life and can’t imagine being anywhere else (which we totally preach). Regardless of what relationship you have with the metropolis, there always will be something new to discover, and hidden gems spread all over its perimeter.

Dubai is undeniably one of the world’s most fascinating cities; that’s why we can’t wait to share all of its wonders with you.

Dubai is Calling is a passion project by like-minded people who love and live in Dubai, hoping to tell its tale. We are amazed by the city and eager to share all the glory that has shaped it, further spread the word about what it has to offer and be a resource for anyone seeking to learn more about it.

We’ve done the research, explored Dubai’s horizons, gathered the information, and compiled everything into a single platform. We did the job, so you don’t have to, making your life in Dubai effortless and your trip hopefully more enjoyable. Our platform covers everything you need to know about the best destinations to visit, the most sought-after food items, ground-breaking touristic locations that everyone wants to experience, and all the different events happening, so you don’t miss out.

On the other side of the glitz and glamour, Dubai is Calling will also be your go-to reference for the latest news, trends, and business events, keeping you up to date and readily prepared for all the happenings around you.

Scrolling through our website, you will stumble upon blogs to keep you entertained and informed, a news section to help you join in on the conversation, and most importantly, videos that will leave you blown away while you learn something new about Dubai every day.

If you are planning to move, visit, or you already live in the emirate, Dubai is calling will be your all-in-one guide because it is our mission to keep you in-sighted and delighted.

To get you started here’s a handy infographic (because we’re nice) to inspire your travels, covering the hottest destinations that are considered must-sees in everyone’s books. Make sure to save it on your phone or pin it on Pinterest for future reference.

We are excited to share our journey across all of our social media channels since it only makes sense to make it more accessible to everyone. To get the most out of this adventure and conversation, follow us on all our socials. We’ve got Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest (for now *wink wink*).

It’s time to check Dubai off your bucket list, Dubai is calling.

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Dubai is Calling is a passion project by like-minded people who love and live in Dubai, hoping to tell its tale. We are amazed by the city

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